Revitalized in 2021, and present on the US market since 2005, MyCrispyWafers aims to deliver the prime snacks from Czechia and Slovakia. Our snack selection from the Sedita brand is uniquely distinguished in quality, while our attention is on bringing the best sellers of the Central European Market into your hands.

We pride ourselves in a focused offering of wafer-based products from the Sedita brand, who has maintained their position as a #1 manufacturer since 1953, at the time in the former Czechoslovakia. Traditional wafers, such as Horalky and Mila, are among our best sellers both online and within the European community and are commonly requested within ethnic stores across the USA.

Beyond these traditional products, our Sedita portfolio boasts an abundance of products that are aimed to please the North American consumer’s palette, while providing the same high quality ingredients maintained according to standards abroad including natural cocoa, non GMO, no preservatives or corn syrup.

Give our snacks a taste test! No matter your preference; dark chocolate, nuts or crispier wafer, your taste buds will find their happy place with one of our finest products.